DOPASI Consultant

DOPASI Consultants is a private company established by a group of professionals in 2014 registered in 2017. It brings together a diverse pool of social sector experts and professionals who work together to provide innovative solutions to our clients from both the public and private sectors. DOPASI Consultants aspires to create lasting change in the society by improving the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the public, private and social sector organizations. DOPASI Consultants aims to do so by drawing on the best practices from each sector and combining them with the cutting-edge knowledge to create innovative solutions to address the current and future needs of our clients. DOPASI Consultants’ national office is in Islamabad. DOPASI Consultants is providing services across Pakistan. DOPASI Consultants has a large resource base of national and international consultants with expertise in Health, Education, Livelihood, Youth Development, Water and Sanitation, Disaster Management, Infrastructure, Agriculture and Food Security and Community Empowerment. DOPASI Consultants prides itself in having strong links and experience with communities at the grass roots level. Capitalizing on its experience at local level; DOPASI Consultants adds new dimension to research and data collection.